Thursday, October 22, 2020


The Chairman and Founder of Chief Ogheneovo Edewor Foundation,
Chief Ovo Edewor.
Expressed his utmost gratitude and thankfulness towards Nigeria youths for coming out massively to air their voices in the ongoing protest in the country against police brutality and corruption.

While appreciating the Nigeria youths, Chief Ovo Edewor asserted that, youths are the backbone, building blocks and future leaders of a Nation, thus, it is pertinent for the State Government and Federal Government to listen and implement the demands of the Nigeria youths as it's pertaining to nation building..

Speaking further on the protest,
Chief Ovo Edewor encouraged the youths through his Director of Media, Comrade Great Poyo that, all protesters should persist with the protest until their requests are granted but no protesters should be involved in violence and destroying of government or individual properties.
We support a peaceful protest he said.

Chief Ovo Edewor concluded that, the protesters should not only protest for #END to Police Brutality but also protest and demand Good Roads, Good Hospitals, Intensive Education, Steady Power Supply and lots more because it is our right and Nigeria is blessed enough with natural and human resources to provide all the above demands and more.

We all at Chief Ovo Edewor Foundation sincerely appreciate and thank all Nigeria Youths for their united spirit in the ongoing peaceful protest across the country. Greater Days Ahead.

*Comrade Great Poyo*
Senior Executive Assistant and Director of Media To Chief Ovo Edewor Foundation.

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