Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Fake News: Activists, Delta Civil Society Leaders Vindicates Nmah, Lambasts NDMPJD, Sponsors, Says Delta DIDA Boss Is An Exemplary Leader.

....As Delta Civil Society Leaders says, NDMPJD is full of falsehood, Groups debunked Allegations Against DIDA Boss.

By Victor Bieni

ASABA- DELTA-STATE CAPITAL- World Distinguished Activists and Civil Society Leaders in Delta State, Niger-Delta Region, Nigeria and the rest of the World sets record straight and had come in defence of the Chairman Delta State Investment Development Agency (DIDA), And Executive Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa On Investment Matters, Mr Paul Nmah as part of efforts to checkmate fake news and debunk false allegations levied against him by a fictitious group, NDMPJD and their sponsors as recently published in an online media called "the geniusmedia".

In a press Statement made available to Newsmen in Asaba, Delta State Capital as duly signed by different World Distinguished Activists, Civil Society Leaders in Delta State, Niger-Delta Region, Nigeria and the rest of the World, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike of IAOP Worldwide( World Grand Coordinator), Comrade Joseph Ojete of VAOP World (National Publicity Secretary), Comrade Mercy Okonkwo of DCI Worldwide (National Publicity Secretary), Comrade Harrison . K. B of NLS (National Publicity Secretary), groups has Condemned, faulted the call by One Oghenebrume of NDMPJD to International Communities, Security agencies to arrest and prosecute Delta DIDA Boss, Mr Paul Nmah as the group asked the the National Coordinator, NDMPJD, Comrade Oghenebrume Egbe to as a matter of urgency apologize to the Governor Okowa's aide or risk being arrested by security agencies for his scandalous, fabricated and unverifiable reports cooked to tanish the image of one of the finest and most hardworking appointees in Governor Okowa's Administration.

The World Distinguished Activists termed Oghenebrume's reports as sponsored, very unethical, laughable, full of comedy, cheap blackmail, childish display and youthful exuberances, falsehood and fabrications that Nmah has case to answer in USA, UK, and has defrauded DIDA as well as other false allegations which bothers on Certificate foggery, fraud, Perjury stagnation of DIDA Agency as Civil Society Leaders asked him to refrain from dubious practices of working for unholy Godfathers.

The Activists noted that it has become Imperative to send strong warnings to notorious Criminals who are politically ambitious; wanting to infiltrate DIDA agency with their Criminal blood like they have done in other agencies in Delta State that the current DIDA Boss is God sent to the Agency to support the Stronger Delta agenda of this Present Administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

The groups said: "Oghenebrume and his Sponsors are the l bad species that does not want the rising of good people, exceptional Delta Political Leaders and Citizens. They should refrain from jungle Journalism and Activism and being used by their paymasters and retract the damages intended as sponsored in their profession as Political jobbers who eat from the ungodly table of their Godfathers, people with questionable Character. We make this statement to checkmate the spread of falsehood, unverified and fabricated reports, fake News and cheap blackmail perpetuated against the Chairman, Delta State Investment Development (DIDA), and Executive Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa On Investment matters, Mr. Paul Nmah".

The Civil Society Leaders, Activists while saying that this is the second time Nmah is heading the agency, also that this is the first time Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta has Appointed one of Anioma's best in a very sensitive Positions in Government, that Nmah remains best public office holders to Delta CSOs and the most hard-working, also the best political appointees, best humanitarian and generous leader in Delta State judging from his achievements in the agency, his life of Responsibility, transparency, accountability, and probity.

The press Statement reads in parts: "We as the authentic watchdog of the Society hereby state thus that Nmah was perfectly screened by the Members of DTHA without blemish in his first and second appointment as DIDA Boss. That Delta DIDA Agency under Nmah is adjudged the best and most viable and functioning Agencies in Delta State. That the World class Property development expert has turned the State with his International wealth of experience, International contacts, sound academic background and expertise in business, Development and investment matters to turn Delta State into Investment haven, Economic friendly environment coupled with Sustainable Youths empowerment in the state with first class focus, without stagnation of Investment Development as Oghenebrume goofed by showing poor knowledge on the great achievements of Nmah.

Delta CSO groups also faulted NDMPJD that the report is a show of shame to the group, while stating that the argument of the fictitious group was done on the Premises of jealousy for not allowing them to perpetrate dubious practices they are known for, and with the intention to demean, and promote a show of misdemeanor.

Activists noted that this is the second time Mr Paul Nmah is Serving as Chairman to the agency, doubled as Executive Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa On Investment Matters under this Present Administration with track records that earned him a double Appointment, also as the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Investment matters known amongst others for their for false reports, used as agents for fraudulent political activities and frame up in Delta, Niger-Delta Region and Nigeria in general.

The CSO groups noted that NDMPJD is brandishing fake Website on Nmah's alledged fraud in USA, UK, then stated that the fabrication is watery as the agency which Nmah is the Boss in Delta is still in the good book of United States of America and United Kingdom till date with other countless of countries all over the World that is investment-friendly with the state as Delta continues to maintain her comparable costs advantage since this Administration, also that Nmah's good will and Okowa's Developmental strides in the agency is still visible to all, that the Ageny Boss had a sound academic background, that he cannot not condescend so low to yield to the fabricated reports on temptation of Certificate forgery, nor fraudulent activities when he has with undeniable capability Supported the state towards Sustainable Socio-economic growth and development as a hard-working Anioma son, unlike his detractors who are bent on defrauding the Delta State Government.

According to them investigations on the source, and what led to the blackmail, fake news, false Publications by the sponsor of NDMPJD, who called for the sack and arrest of Nmah was emanated from one notorious Criminals who ones settled in Delta State before going to exile in Canada after some her Criminal and mischievous deeds, one Mama Sonnoje, this unscrupulous person was discovered to had defrauded traders in Asaba and environs, some investors and land owners in Delta State on disguise of seeking political asylum in Canada, later on came to DIDA agency for partnership with fake investors as Nmah was also defrauded by the Criminal, Mama Sonnoje ploted to infiltrate DIDA with fraud but was stopped by Nmah as a good Citizen of Delta State who would not want DIDA agency to be used as recreational centre in Delta State State fraudulent activities by gang of Criminals.

The groups then stated that Canadian Embassy had been notified while Mama Sonnoje is awaiting deportation to Nigeria to be arrested by security agencies and face the wrath of the law, also answer to the various petitions against him and offences committed in Nigeria as Delta Civil Society Leaders cautions Oghenebrume of NDMPJD, a fictitious group against making accusations he cannot defend in the law Court, where he alledged in his reports and accused the Police and other security agencies in Delta of bribery and Corruption, aiding and abeiting, also accused Delta State Government of shielding Mr Paul Nmah of fraud as Delta Civil Society Leaders stated that DIDA Boss is too refined and Civilized for such NDMPJD frivolous statements and cheap blackmail.

The groups faulted NDMPJD statements where they alleged that Nmah had said that he had pocketed both the security Agencies and anti- graft Agencies: EFCC, ICPC , NPF and others as Delta Civil Society Leaders then urged the International Communities such as US and UK to disregard the false, scandalous and fabricated reports by NDMPJD group.

The group then enjoined the political Jobber, one Oghenebrume Egbe with faceless, fictitious group built on faulty foundation called: "Niger-Delta Movement For Peace, Justice And Development (NDMPJD) who was sponsored by a very notorious Criminal, who took asylum in Canada after years of defrauding traders in Asaba, Delta State Capital, a land grabber, and one of the enemies of Delta State, anti-development agent enmeshed with corrupt practices, one Mama Sonnoje to ensure that he key into various skill acquisition programs of the state government or gets himself engaged in a meaningful venture rather than being used by unscrupulous persons who do not want the progress of Delta State and its citizens.

Delta Credible Civil Society Leaders under the agies of Voice of Aniocha/Oshimili People (VAOP), Izu Anioma Youth Initiative (IAYI), Cultural Initiative (DCI) Worldwide, Niger- Delta League of Stars, International Association of Online Publishers and others theused this medium warned detractors of Mr Paul Nmah, one of her best and an Illustrious Sons of Anioma Nation, Delta State and Nigeria to desist from their unscrupulous activities or face the wrath of the law.

Also the group's then enjoined the Sponsors of NDMPJD to as a matter of urgency retract the publications and apologize to Governor Okowa's aide, Mr. Paul Nmah or risk arrest for their character assassination, false reports, fabrications of falsehood, fake news, perjury, libel and Purported plot to infiltrate DIDA agency with bad blood to destabilize Delta State as the best investments hub in Nigeria under Governor Okowa's Administration.

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