Thursday, October 1, 2020

INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION: Chief Ogheneovo Edewor Congratulates Nigerians

The Chairman and Founder of the Chief Ovo Edewor Foundation, Chief Ogheneovo Edewor {The Edjenekpo of Eku}.
Called on Nigerians to maintain unity, faith and hope.Preached by Nigeria’s founding fathers as the country celebrates its 60th independence anniversary.

In his independence message,
He noted that even though Nigeria recently became the world headquarters for extreme poverty, he hoped the people will overcome the tough times.

“But i know even much more that tough times never last but tough people do.
And Nigerians are tough people. Evidence of that abounds in our strength in adversity and most especially amongst our youth who continue to make us proud.

In a statement through his {Snr} Executive Assistant and director of Media
Comrd Great Poyo. Chief Edewor admonished Nigerians to re-dedicate themselves to the idea of defining their personal interests in line with how it helps the realisation of national objectives.

He explained that the national objective of every Nigerian should be to build a united, peaceful, economically strong, internationally respected country, with robust military, well motivated work-force, ambitious youth and fulfilled citizens.

Chief Ogheneovo wishes Nigeria and all Nigerians a peaceful celebration.

Comr Great Poyo
Publicity Head.

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