Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Ravaging Flood In Ndokwa Land: NNU Caretaker Committee Leadership Calls For Urgent Interventions By Both Delta State And Federal Governments To End Menace..

By Victor Bieni

KWALE-NDOKWA WEST LGA-DELTA-STATE- The Caretaker Committee Leadership of the apex Socio-cultural Organization of Ndokwa Nation, Ndokwa Neku Union (NNU) has called on both Delta State and Federal Governments to as a matter of urgency address the perennial flooding that has ravaged the entire Ndokwa Land, displaced human beings, houses submerged, and crops destroyed.

The media learnt this in a press statement made available to Newsmen today at Kwale in Ndokwa West LGA, Delta State as signed by the Chairman, NNU Caretaker Committee, Dr. Ogaranya Tabs Tabowei, NNU Secretary, Chief Barr Emmanuel Otunuya Uti.

NNU Leadership then urged Delta State Government, Federal Governments to provide Ndokwa People who are victims of flood Pandemic the palliatives such as food donations, build IDP Camps and other measures to ensure lasting solutions on the ravaging Flood in Ndokwa Land as the group stated that, this is not a big new thing or shocking rather that what continues to amaze Ndokwa's is Government ineptitude and failure to come up with resolutions that can alleviate the sufferings of the people living in the area.

The press Statement reads in parts: "Ndokwa Neku Union NNU Leadership is of the view that Government cannot claim ignorance of the following: The Course if River Niger is gradually changing. This is not unusual with time. The River is becoming shallower as a result of erosion of the banks which moves the soil to the centre of the River where Island now appear and pushed water to the banks".

"An aerial view from aeroplane flying from Asaba to Abuja shows a portable development of an inland Delta because of lack of depth that can take in water. The Consequence is that water moves in land when the volume increases during the raining season. When the flood recedes it washes away shoreline. For example, Aballa- Oshimili town on the Bank of the River Niger has moved nearly 1km away from the original site, while the historical Onya town at the bifurcation of the River Niger is virtually going into extinction as soon or later the inhabitants will have no land for moving inward".

"Based on the above observations Ndokwa Neku Union demand Government Intervention as follows: Government should move in immediately to save lives as well as send much needed relief materials. Create a centre suitable for Covid-19 Environment to resettle displaced people. They should move in dredgers to fill the shores with sands as done in Marina, Lagos Island".

" Government should construct the road from Asaba through Aboh to Patani to facilitate Movement. A similar Road runs along the Eastern Bank of the River Niger from Onitsha to Ogu in Ogbaru LGA, Anambra state, onward to the Rivers State border which is almost opposite Aboh in Delta State. The Ogbaru LGA, to Anambra state is not endowed with oil and gas resources like Ndokwa Nation. This road facilitated the movement of flood victims , rescue operations and distribution of relief materials in Ogbaru LGA, Anambra State in 2012".

"In our own case people were left in make shift platforms that require Helicopter Operation which was not available. The traditional ruler in one of the towns in Ndokwa Land died while trying to escape from flood water in 2012. Ogbaru in Anambra State has no oil and gas whereas it is abundant in Ndokwa Land, yet no road! What an insensitive Government we have both at State and Federal levels!! Dredging the River Niger is a long term solution. Actions reqyii z concerted and combined effort of the Local Government (through the Ecological Funds), NDDC, DESOPADEC.This will not be too much for an area that produces oil and gas and contribute substantial power( Electricity) to the National Grid. The goose that lay the golden eggs deserves maximum attention!"

"Ndokwa Neku Union therefore calls on Delta State and Federal Governments as well as their parastals to urgently live up to its responsibility by sending immediate and necessary relief materials to the affected people of Ndokwa East LGA, spearhead the move to control the perennial flooding as demanded above and alleviate the suffering of the people whose land is being exploited for oil and gas. We should not wait for insurrection from Ndokwa Land, Ndokwa Nationals before taken the necessary corrective measures. A stitch in time saves nine!".

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