Saturday, December 26, 2020

GISTCITY: A New Trending Social Media Forum Debuts In Africa.

...As CEO Urges Social media Practitioners to sign up

Victor Bieni

GISTCITY AFRICA CEO, Francis Okonkwo has said that it been a moment as is very glad to inform the Online Publishers of a new development that is about to over take nairaland in terms of Social media contents Promotion and Marketing or in terms information dessimination.

In his words: "A lot is happening, I just thought to inform social media Practitioners that there is a new and awesome social media forum developed by the company of one of our colleagues Called: GISTCITY AFRICA FORUM".

The social media guru, Francis Okonkwo stated that the Forum would be the best place for local discussions, especially when one wants to send traffics and backlinks to his or her site or blog.

He said: "It comes with many topics of discussion that falls into your niche. Here is the link to sign up>>>

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