Sunday, December 20, 2020

Greater Delta 2023: Gbagi Unfolds First Class Economic Blueprints. Says Nine Folds Agenda, Equals To 21st Century Economic Approaches For Good Governance. Ex-Minister Says He Will Boost Youths Employment Opportunities, End Militancy In The Niger-Delta Region And Delta State To Become Hub of Leisure Destination.

.... Says Nine Folds Agenda, Equals To 21st Century Economic Approaches For Good Governance.

.... Ex-Minister says He Will Boost Youths Employment Opportunities, End Militancy In The Niger-Delta Region, And Delta State to become Hub of Leisure Destination.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

Former Minister of Education (State) and most popular 2023 Governorship aspirants in Delta State, and Nigeria in general, Olorogun Barr Kenneth Gbagi has unfolded his first class Economic blueprints called "Greater Delta Agenda 2023", which encompasses Sectors such as Peace and Security, Energy and Investments, Education and Economy, Tourism and Entertainment as well as Seaport and Marine Sectors Development towards Sustainable Socio-economic, Political, Cultural Development of the state.

Olorogun Barr Kenneth Gbagi, a seasoned Criminalogist, a World-class legal luminary and business mogul made this known to our reporter in a Telephone conversation stated that he is very committed to his promises to Deltans on "Greater Delta 2023 Agenda as Economic blueprints.

He furthet stated that the recent blessings and go ahead order of Delta North Stakeholders- Entrepreneurs, Student bodies, Youths, Women, Professionals, Community Leaders during a Consultative meeting with Deltans in Lagos is a clear indication that victory is sure and that Stakeholders are fully behind him, therefore and had given nod to his ambition to Govern the state.

Gbagi who promised to make security sector of the state exceptional amongst other States in Nigeria by rolling out modern security Strategies to protect the lives and properties of Deltans as a Security expert, he also stated that he would if emerged Governor improve the untapped tourism resources in Delta State, Niger-States and make his people proud, while he lamented the spate of insecurity in the country even as he called on the presidency to urgently address the ugly situation.

The Ughelli South born World Distinguished Philanthropist, humanitarian, Delta 2023 Governorship hopeful, Olorogun Barr Kenneth is not only favoured by his intellectual prowess, rotational principles of his party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta Central Senatorial Districts, but most importantly he is a good friend of the less-privilege Citizens in Delta State, and Nigeria in general.

Deltans believe that Gbagi best man for the Job to Govern Delta State going by the Evaluation of his Nine folds first class Economic blueprints. In the words of the PDP Governorship aspirant, Olorogun Barr Kenneth Gbagi: " In Entertainment and Tourism sectors, I promised Deltans a hub for Leisure destination. Delta State posseses the highest number of entertainers such as musicians, comedians. I will draw up an intiative that will bring the entire entertainers together".

"Delta State, Niger-Delta Region has untapped Tourism resources. I will create new projects for Tourism to attract fun seekers to the state. I will get the Youths employed and keep them off militancy".

" In terms of Education and Economy, during my days as Minister of State for Education, I brought into existence 13 new Universities under 13 months. I will make viable existing schools in Delta State. Each of the 25 LGAs in Delta will have 4 Boarding house under my watch. There will be easy Movement of students to the location of their learning process. Government will have no business running schools. It will be handled by investors for effective and productive utilization".

"In terms of energy and Investments, I will bring my Entrepreneurial acumen to bear. I will use the instruments of most Business in the state by attracting investors with free land allocation for Investments".

"Creating a new Seaport will be one of my top priorities. I see no reason Businessmen in Southern Nigeria should suffer much to have their goods delivered".

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