Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year 2021: INC Worldwide Sends Message To Igbo Nation Globally.

*Greetings! Compatriots, Patriots, Brave and Courageous Citizens of the Igbo Nation* ,

As the turbulent year 2020 got wind up with joys and tears in the eyes of many, there are less need to enumerate all the overwhelming challenges that confronted the entire human race, especially Afrika, Nigeria and the Igbo Nation in particular. The year 2020 is on record as one of those tumultuous years for the Igbo Nation, as the Igbo Race was not only threatened by the global COVID-19 Pandemic, but was heavily threatened by the unholy aggression by the Militant Jihadist Killer Herdsmen that made several threats and attempts to violently attack and recklessly invade Igbo Communities in Nigeria through the disguise of RUGA Programs, Cattle raring, Human settlement etc.

When it became very obvious that the Igbo Nation maybe under siege by the Militant Jihadist Killer Herdsmen heavily backed by ISWAP and other power blocs in Nigeria, on 15th June, 2020, the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Igbo National Council (INC) worldwide therefore launched the *‘Operation Ije Agu’* as a counter-attack operation and to defend the territories and communities of the Igbo Nation from any form of offensive attack and invasion from the mad dog Militant Jihadist Killer Herdsmen that was on heavy rampage all over South-East, South-South, South-West, North-Central and North-East regions of Nigeria.

The *Operation Ije Agu* proved the awareness of the unprecedented magnitude of danger the Igbo Nation found itself within that turbulent epoch, the like of which has never before threatened the existence of the Igbo Nation since after the civil war of 1967-1970.

I strongly believe that the Igbo National Council (INC) owe it to her conscience, the Security of the Igbo Nation, the Preservation of our people, and in a broader sense the formation of holy alliance with every other progressive ethnic groups or nationalities within Nigeria for the survival of Nigeria and Afrika.

In the recent months, we have keenly observed the change of name, nomenclature, strategy and tactics of operations by the Militant Jihadist Herdsmen. They have been baptized as Bandits in other to keep their agenda secret. But one thing still remain common in their agenda - Attack, Invade, Sack the indigenous people of a community and take over the community. The Case of the strategic take over of Libya is still fresh in the minds of historians.

While the orchestrated conspiracy to use the COVID-19 Vaccine to dehumanize Afrikans is still raging on, I call on the Igbo Race to reject in its totality the COVID-19 vaccination program, and also to stop it from entering in any communities of the Igbo Nation.

May I humbly use this medium to call on the Leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo – Chief Dr. John Nnia Nwodo and the Chief Dr. Gary Igariwey led Electoral Committee to thread with caution and avoid any temptation that may compromise the integrity of the process and cause breach of peace during the election for the new leadership of the Pan-Igbo Socio-cultural organization scheduled to hold on January 2021.

I therefore advice the Electoral Committee to avoid the temptation of buying into the proposal of forced consensus candidate for the position of the President General of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the forthcoming election, and also to reduce the prices of the Nomination Forms for candidates.

In the long years of the Igbo struggle for Economic and Political Power, including Self-preservation, Self-sustenance and Self-determination within the framework of Nigeria, we have been tagged all sorts of derogatory names, all negative. But one thing remained apparent; we are the LIGHT of Nigeria and Afrika. Consequently, we must be more Determined, Focused, Ruthless, Courageous (death-defying courage), and Bold to mobilize the teeming population of the Igbo Race to participate more proactively in the political process in Nigeria and to be more organized and determined to hold political power at the center in the forthcoming 2023 political process.

We must resist now more than ever every form of blackmail, imprudent threat and psychological warfare targeted against the Igbo Nation by our inglorious and ungrateful enemies within and outside Nigeria. The Igbo Race is the best Human species in Nigeria, Afrika and the world at large. History has shown that our presence anywhere comes with LIGHT and DEVELOPMENT, our LEADERSHIP PROWESS is unique and second to none in Afrika. I therefore urge the present generation of Nigerians to tap into this blessing by collectively enthroning a Nigerian President of Igbo Extraction in 2023. Nigeria Must Move Forward. Dare to Struggle Dare to Win.

*God Bless You All.*

*Pastor Chilos A.C. Godsent*
*President General,*
*Igbo Nation Council (INC) Worldwide*
*1st January, 2021*

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