Friday, January 8, 2021

Birthday Anniversary: Tony Okocha Celebrates Professor Pat Utomi

I Keep wondering most times am with my boss, 
my father, The man who gave me all the contacts and Push in life.

ERUDITE PROFESSOR PAT UTOMI good material that sells itself,when Some state Governors , Bank CEO calls him ,they address him as OGA, some will say SIR, some my elder brother, even at times at the Airport or big shipping mall, when People sees him,they will come and ask him ,if Pat UTOMI is my brother. Some will want to snap with him, he is always welcoming and smiling.
He has lectured most Governors and captain of industries either in
agos Business School or Else where, when we are driving two Peculiar things that must be seen in the vehicle is umbrella and Bible,
He has vowed not to beg nor lobby for anything in life,but if he merits it, Glory Be to GOD Almighty, He believes in the sight of GOD everyone is equal,that is why when given out anything,he doesn't share it based on Party.

He doesn't smoke,drink nor spend late nights outside, excited it's extension necessary, Some Persons have called that they were not able to attend last year birthday,but by GODS they will be around this time, some have even Persons have called that they will take care of the band that will play there,
In all we give GOD Almighty all the glory in JESUS name, Amen.

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