Sunday, January 10, 2021

FOHA National President, Comrade Anayo Akubueze Sends Season Greetings To Members.

Please note that any Organization built on Money instead of love and unity land crash. That is why FOHA in her four (4) years of existence overcame the human troubled water, storms, wild wind etcetera to get to the level she is now.

Please note that any Organization built on hear-say easily crumbles. That is why FOHA filters every information that comes her way before taking necessary actions.

Please note also that this year 2021 is a year of planning, organizing, strategizing, publishing etcetera for the task ahead of us.

Please all unit heads, all ward Coordinators, all zonal Coordinators and all FOHA National executives are hereby encouraged and advised to intensify more actions to include more people to FOHA.

Please note that expansion of FOHA membership should be our watchword this year 2021.

Please note that FOHA Physical progressive meetings in the local Government level are sacrosanct this year 2021.

Please, also note that FOHA is a household Organization built on solid foundation.

Please, also note that FOHA is bound to succeed this year like FOHA Grand patron Dr. Hamza Al-mustapha Promised in our meeting with him on the 12th December 2020 in Kaduna State, to give FOHA Physical progressive Support that will surprise People.

Please, FOHA increase your love for mankind especially to those people who truly love and follow FOHA Grand Patron Dr. Hamza Al-

Thanks may you prosper this year 2021.


Comrade Anayo Akubueze, FOHA National President

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