Thursday, January 14, 2021


I don't often wear my pride on my shoulders, but I do so when I often speak of the generosity of a good man.
Goodness never gives room for its eyes to be shut, for its light guides the path of fruitfulness.

I have come across words packed with fumes of lies thrown at you, a man who wants flowers to always sprout their beauty so you water them daily. Sir Edwin, your name is always spelled with a smile and every moment with you feels like one watching the sun in a pleasant relief. I have carved this tale as I watch his step to step approach filled with gifts of a better future. I still call a time with you bliss.

He holds the secrets to unravel happiness as I have often seen how he dishes it out to those in need, these memories have become nectar to my mind mixed with the glee and cheers that comes with his presence.
As I tiptoed my conscience into these times, astonished by his act of kindness and his words comforting the minds of all in warming echoes; in his words, I'm here for you all.
You walk into his office with a frown and leave with happiness, he gifts it to you; truly I have seen that not all angels come with wings.

Miles from home he has raised our flag on the hearts of deltas, breaking into molecules of liquid water to help all grow through their needs. I have watched how he listens attentively, attending to each complaint, rendering help in his best ways. Do you still think he deserves the tempting traps of hurtful words? Yet he was not bothered by his losses but still focused on sharing a portion of the element of a better part of himself.

A man who painted his path in stages, hard work he made his step, and grace boldly made it fast. For it doesn't matter how many hurtful words they spill, he keeps his ears open to all.

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