Tuesday, January 19, 2021

UNESCO Laureate, Prof. Aremu Sends Special Greetings To Monarch Of Great Empire.

... Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu Says Oluwo Of Iwo Land, His Imperial Majesty is an uncommon, Dynamic King With Trademark

By Victor Bieni

World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus ratified by UNESCO top up by UNN Nigeria, CSER Malaysia, MPRPH Institute Iran, WCU, USA, ICERE Argentina And Other Organizations Worldwide, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has described His Imperial Majesty, the Oluwo of Iwo Land as an uncommon, and Dynamic King With Trademark.

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Aremu in a press statement made available to newsmen today in Osun State, Osogbo and to different Nigerian Media organizations in the 36 States of the Federation and FCT, Nigeria as well as other global print, broadcast and online, new media Media through his Special Adviser On Media And Publicity, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike sends special greetings, message to the Monarch congratulated the King as incarnation of Telu Adekola the initiator of Iwo Empire popularly known as Telu 1 , Gbaase, which he said is the second Very big Hearty Cheers to His Greatness.

UNESCO Laureates Press Statement reads in parts: "My Imperial Majesty, Uncommon and Dynamic King with Trade Mark. First and Only One Commander in Chief over deities in Yoruba Land, and Representative of God Almighty on surface of the Earth (Alaase Lori orisa ni ile Yoruba ati Arole Olodumaare lorile Aye)".

"The Oluwo of Iwo Empire, (The Supreme and Permanent Chairman of Iwo Land, Traditional Council of over thirty Obas and chiefs )".

"His Imperial Majesty : Oba, Dr, Shiekh, King, ( Igwe) Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, The First Incarnation of Telu Adekola the Initiator of Iwo Land, Gbase 2nd, Natural Emir of Yoruba Land, It has been half of a decade of your steadfast development, resound success stories, unquantifiable upliftment, and of course, excellent moments for a city of Home of Parrots".

"Your Imperial Majesty,
Ever since you mounted the ancient throne of your forefathers, you have transformed it from success to success that make its people and Iwoland community generally being a great city among others".

"In fact you have a very good quality of Leadership as you have been exhibited within five years and you has transformed the greatness of Iwo land beyond original status in the society, Bring back beyond its many lost glories".

"To mention few of them that make me proud of you and many development strides count such as food Bank, Telu cloth, Telu Square, Road Repairs, Bank, National Open University of Nigeria Iwo Study Centre, Federal College of Education, Iwo, National Library Iwo, Federal Court of Appeal , Fortress University Iwo and many others development , Indeed you have done many wonderful job as a Natural First Class King in Nigeria".

" I, H E UNESCO Laureate, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu, The Vice Chancellor Crown University International Inc., Santa Cruz Province in Argentina, South America partners campuses in Ghana, Benin Republic, Nigeria, Liberia, India, Israel and associates worldwide Commends your leadership style. May the Lord God Almighty protect you, family and entire Empire, kingdom. Have a blessed, Happy New year!".

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