Monday, February 1, 2021

Anambra 2021: How Professor Soludo Will Engage The Ageing And The Elderly Anambrarians- SSM Boss

....As SSM National Board of Trustees Chairman, Prince Dr. Obi Okechukwu Commends Developmental Strides In UN SDGs 8.

.... Cultural and Tourism expert Says, Professor Soludo will Address Ageism In Development, And leave no one behind.

.... Hospitality guru Commends The Efforts And Enduring Legacy of The Chairman, "All Soludo Support Groups", Hon. Chinedu Nwoye.

....SSM Boss Says Professor Soludo Will Engage The older population, promote Active And Healthy Ageing Using World-class Approaches "ASAOP, ASSCA, And ASAHA" To Rehabilitate Old People And The Elderly Anambrarians.

AWKA-ANAMBRA STATE CAPITAL- According to the National Board of Trustees Chairman, Soludo Solution Movement (SSM), Prince Dr. Obi Okechukwu, " Leaving no one behind means confronting Ageism In Development. Demographic changes has strong implications for sustainable development. As people grow older, their health situations , Needs and what they value can change. Therefore, we must critically support these changes by taking multi-sectoral action on Ageing And health, which will be Professor Soludo's decade of action in line with UN 17 SDGs, or Agenda (2021-2030) to be holistically implemented if Professor Soludo emerges the Governor of Anambra State.

Prince Dr Obi Okechukwu while calling on APGA Party Leaders, Anambra Stakeholders, Party Faithfuls, members and entire Anambrarians to give maximum support to the Ex+CBN Governor, Professor Soludo to emerge as APGA flag-bearer in the forthcoming Governorship primary election in the state assured Anambrarians that Professor Soludo has perfected plans to ensure that SDGs are met for all segments of the society, most importantly the Ageing population and the elderly ones in the State, also that the rights of older persons will be protected and promoted in the society, Anambra State if Professor Soludo emerges.
He defined Ageing or Aging as the process of becoming older. A progressive physiological changes or decline in biological, psychological, Environmental, behavioural pattern, or functions of an organisms, especially man. Older people are amongst the most vulnerable to Marginalization, poverty and income Insecurity. Older people are the contributors to Sustainable development.

He Commended the Enduring Legacy of the Chairman, "All Soludo Support Groups"Hon Chiedu Nwoye for his tireless efforts towards the maintenance of effective and efficient mobilization of Anambrarians for the emergence of Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo to emerge as APGA Flag-bearer to win the Governorship election in Anambra State come this year 2021.
SSM Boss then Commended the Executive Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano on his administration developmental strides on the accomplishment of Substainaible Development Goals number 8, which he said has addressed the needs of the older population, ederly Anambrarians through various policies and programs that has promoted Inclusion of the older people in his Governments towards healthy living, poverty eradication and income Security for the elderly through its implementation by various institutions or agencies or Ministries in the state.
He noted that Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo Will leverage on Governor Obiano's good governance models, policies and services in this direction to ensure that the 5Ps of Substainaible Development: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace And Partnership get the needed boost in Anambra State by using best approaches to address the challenges, and promote opportunities for older people, and ensure mindful Sustainable Ageing in Anambra State.

Prince Dr Obi Okechukwu noted that Professor Soludo's plans towards the fulfilment of SDGs 8 using various approaches to good Governance, best global practices by strengthening already established institutions in the state and establishment of further interventionist agencies such as Anambra State Active And Healthy Aging (ASAHA), Anambra State Stakeholders Committee On Ageing (ASSCA), Anambra Agency For Old People (ASAOP), which he said will work towards eradication of poverty, lifetime Inequalities, and income Insecurity.

Also that Professor Soludo will ensure that older adults get access to education and employment of older people towards improved Communication, and complement existing design concepts through information modelling, game engine integration as well as give room for secure Sustainable funding, successful Ageing, financial security, healthy diets or nutrition support, safety of older people and ederly Anambrarians, address the challenges and promote opportunities for old age, make plans for the ederly.

He said: "Ageing well in digital world, there is an overwhelming increase in the percentage of the elderly in some countries. In the year 2050 one in six people will be people above 65years. People above 80 years will tripple. Therefore changes will occur in labour market, health care, system and others. That is why taking statistics of ageing population will be very imperative to Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo to address the challenges in Anambra State towards accomplishing best global strategy and action plan meant to ensure that the Ageing population is free from Chronic diseases, has autonomy in the activities of daily living, little or no disability or impairment, mild cognitive, good quality of life, high social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civil affairs participation".

"Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo will work to ensure that every Anambrarians live long and healthy life, no high blood pressure, no heart diseases, nor falls, cancers, ensure good mental, social, physical health, intrinsic capacity, functional ability, subjective well-being, Demographic self- efficacy or low dependency ratio; old and Elderly people involvement in one's family, peer group, community throughout the Ageing processes".

In the words of Prince Dr Obi Okechukwu: " Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo will ensure proper global partnership, consistent programs, workshops, seminars and conferences that will overcome the three contributory factors of ageing such Telomores, Oxidative stress, Glycation. Best Government policies and programs will be initiated towards best Inclusion of older people and ederly in the Governance of Anambra State.

"No doubt, the training or workshop will give them exposure and more wisdom on anti-aging principles by strict avoidance of ultraviolet light, inflammatory substances, poor nutrition, smoking, lack of exercise and others. Rather adhere to global researchers recommendations for Best active and healthy Ageing population they will take to more learning, social activities, being positive, eating healthy, helping and giving to people, walk most days, maintenance of working life, sustainability, well-being, focus on work, better retirement phase, ensuring improvement in economic status and educational levels".

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