Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Anambra 2021: How Professor Soludo Will Promote World-Class Political Stability- SSM Boss.

.....As Prince Dr. Obi Okechukwu Says Politics of Sustainability and Development Is Professor Soludo's Watchword.

........As SSM BOT Boss Commends The Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano's Virtue of Political Maturity In Anambra State.

...... Applauded The Chairman of All Soludo Support Groups, Hon. Chinedu Nwoye Glamour, Others Maintaining Culture Of Hard-work.

AWKA-ANAMBRA STATE CAPITAL- According to The National Board Of Trustees, Soludo Solution Movement (SSM), Prince Dr. Obi Okechukwu, "Political Stability means Stable Government. The Stability of a political system can affect the appeal of a particular local market. Political Stability helps to promote economic growth. It generally plays pivotal role in the process of economic development".
Prince Dr. Obi Okechukwu in a press brief with some group of Journalists in his office at Awka, Anambra State capital has called on APGA Party Leaders, party faithfuls, APGA Party members, entire Anambrarians, and other critical stakeholders in the State to support Professor Soludo's ambition to be the party's Flag-bearer in this year's Gubernatorial primary election to win the general election and ensure that Politics of Sustainability and Development is completely enshrined in Anambra State Government.
The World renowned Tourism and Cultural expert commended the Executive Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano's political maturity, his opposition friendly disposition and quest for unity, peace and security which he said has brought sustainable development in Anambra State.

SSM Boss stated further that his principal, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo's Watchword, approaches on political Stability will work to promote excellent sustainable political behavior and protect the Institutions of the state, embrace all opposition political parties in Anambra State without bias, deepen a legacy which hinges on positive economic growth and development, good social reforms, excellent political symbols of stability, Public interest, appeal to local markets sustainability and development, lack of violence, or conflicts and best commitments to the 17 UN SDGs as signed by commity of nation's in 2015.
He also applauded the Chairman, "All Soludo Support Groups", Hon. Chinedu Nwoye Glamour, SSM Leaders and members, Leaders and members of different, various groups, entire NDI Anambra working for the success of Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo's emergence as the Governor of Anambra State come this year 2021, while assuring them of Soludo's Watchword on collective actions on governance with global partnership, new reforms that will positively impact on present and future generations of Anambrarians.

In his words: "Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo will work to ensure that NDI Anambra experiences environmental governance with strong alliances with all stakeholders, State and non- state actors for both formal and informal processes, work with opposition leaders, political parties to promote politics of Sustainability, no bitterness; good governance and democracy without the practice of authoritarianism".

"It will be a government of the people by the people and for the people. A regime of truth, politics of enhance building that is Technology led, Citizens- led, State- led, market- led full of sustainability, transformation, well strengthened institutions, and Governance, and liberal markets and better understanding of political processes in Anambra State".

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