Friday, February 5, 2021

Insecurity: Nigeria Still Living In Bondage-Delta ADC Chairman, Prince Joe Chukwu.

...As Chairman of All Chairmen, ADC- Nigeria Urges Nigeria's Information Minister To Have A Rethink

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The Chairman, African Democratic Congress (ADC), Delta State Chapter, Prince Joe Chukwu has said that Nigeria is still yoked under the bondage of insecurity.

Delta ADC Boss, Prince Joe Chukwu disclosed this to newsmen in his party State Secretariat at Asaba, Delta State capital while responding to a statement credited to the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, who said on Monday that despite the security challenges being witnessed in parts of the country, security situation under the current regime is better than the situation in 2015 when the regime came on board.

Prince Joe Chukwu stated that Lai Mohammed is a very big liar and should have a rethink if actually he considers himself a Patriotic citizen, that kidnapping, killlings, rape, and other criminal tendencies are the complete symbols that characterizes this present Buhari administration and cannot be compared to any pasts regime in Nigeria.

In his words: "You can imaging some one that lies to the extend he bear it as name. Is it not ovious? Buhari Government is the worst administration Nigeria ever hard. APC promised Nigeria change, not knowing that is chain of poverty, hunger, insecurity and others. Every common man in Nigeria is always suffering day by day due to inflation in the market, bad economy, insecurity and others".

"What have you in Nigeria, apart from the people in Government, poverty is everywhere. Nobody is happy in this country. Unless only APC elected members and appointees are happy. Imaging the rascality of APC government. We ADC believe in transparent, and quality leadership. ADC DNA believes on the citizens' desire for the best, better life for the masses, gainful employment opportunities for the Youths towards socio-economic Stability of the country".

"ADC is a political party that believed on the capacity of Nigerian youths during 2019 elections. ADC gave 50% discount to the Youths. Also had offered free form for women and to persons living with disabilities. ADC is a political party that gave free forms and have the interest of the people at heart not like APC that chain the country and its people to ransom. Ever since, they came into power in 2015 uptill now things has not change. Nothing is happening in the country due to leadership of APC & PDP. The country Nigeria has been banbuezled, Razutazled, and razmatised by APC led administration".

"Yet Lai Mohammed have some thing to say after keeping Nigeria in a Quagmire System of life. Life in all ramifications is in a bad State . Hon Lai Mohammed have to rethink. That is, what chief of Staff to the President, Late Aba Kyari said that Nigeria is his hands. But the Almighty God showed him that he is the beginning and the end. Today Mr Lai Mohammed have started again. If he feels that he is on top of us, let him know that God Almighty know the best for our dear country Nigeria".

"During the regime of His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's (GCFR) administration, you can't compare it with what is happening today in Nigeria. Even His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan administration things were not like this. I believe Hon Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed is in Nigeria then. No killer Fulani h
Herdsmen, No Boko Haram, kidnapping and others were not like as it is in this Buhari's government, this present administration. No brutality in Nigeria then".

"The price of Fuel pump was not high during Obasanjor's regime, the father of ADC. Today fuel pump price is four times 44 Naira today in this present day administration of Buhari. During Goodluck Jonathan administration fuel price was 97 Naira. But today, this Buhari administration the prices are going up everyday. presently, now the fuel pump price is 162 Naira per litter. Can you compare this with Chief Olusegun Obasanjor or Goodluck Jonathan?"

"This is to tell you that APC has failed Nigeria. Yet some political talakawers are there singing all is well. Majority of Nigerians are dying everyday day due to Hunger, bad leadership, bad economy, insecurity kidnapping, brutality, embezzlement of government funds by APC led administration. In Nigeria today, bandits are everywhere in the country due to lack of jobs creation. No response from Government, No employment from government 3days ago kidnnapers block Ore/ Benin expressway and take citizens to the bush and killed some of them. Abuja Road no longer safe for commutters, passengers, the same insecurity in Nigeria is taking place everyday a d everywhere".

"That is why His Excellency, chief Olusegun Obasanjor has asked the good people of Nigeria to go for the party called African Democratic Congress (ADC) to liberate and Protect us from godfatherism in Nigeria. This the credible authanative political party in Nigeria so that our dear country Nigeria will be better country".

"PDP & APC have failed Nigeria. The good people of Nigeria should look inwards. Look into this matter very well. We should stop the politics of the winner takes it all. This insults is too much here in Nigeria It is high time we say no to impositions of candidates. Political leaders are fond of whether you like it or not, they will impose anybody they want, they will imposed him or her to us".

"The bad leaders he have in APC and PDP are doing that so that the person will cover them up due to the kind of fraud they have committed. My advise to Nigerians is to stand up and say no to all this political bondages we are in our own country".

"Can you compare insecurity during Obasanjo / Jonathan administrations and this present ugly one, Buhari's regime on the
lssues of Boko Haram, Herdsmen, Ethnic militias, Kidnapping, bandits, and others?"

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