Sunday, February 14, 2021

#OccupyLekki Tollgate: Diaspora Nigerians To Buhari, Don't Arrest Youths Again, Or Face........

.....Group Says Nigerians Have Constitutional Right To Peaceful Protests.

...Gbandi says diaspora Nigerians, political parties and Organizations working in one voice towards sustainable development.

...Says Group will work to end Constitutional abuse, insecurity, Birth a new Constitution in Nigeria.

....urged NIDO to continue to advocate for Voting Rights of Diasporan Nigerians, full constitution of Nigeria Diasporan Commission (NIDCOM)

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

As Nigerian Government yesterday effected the immediate release after early morning arrest of some Nigerian Youths in Lagos who were involved in #EndSARS Season 2 Protest at Lekki Tollgate; Nigerians, Amnesty International, and other concerned citizens frowned at the ugly development by Nigerian Security operatives, A German-based Development Projects Consultant, and immediate- past Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Organizations, Continental Europe, Hon. Kenneth Gbandi joined other stakeholders, kicked against the approaches of the Federal Government and warned Buhari not to try such arrest again.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi who spoke to our reporter via telephone conversation on the arrest and consequent release on the order of Lagos State Police Commissioner the arrested #EndSARS protesters, Gbandi warned that a repeated arrest in the nearest future may seriously provoke diasporan Nigerians to action to worsening the situation.

Immediate past NIDOE Chairman stated that it is the Constitutional Right of every Nigerians to protest any unfavourable policies or ugly trend, unconstitutional acts in the country, while he noted that Buhari has acted wisely to had yesterday effected the release the Youths who were Members of #EndSARS, and OccupyLekki Tollgate Protesters.

The media was agog with comments against the Nigerian Government and security operatives as a Comedian, Mr Macaroni, one Comrade Dimeji, Juwon Sanya-Olu among others protesters, about 18 in number were yesterday arrested by Security operatives in Lagos.

Reports had it that they defy Government order not to Protest on issue as it pertains #EndSARS as the Youths said their action were informed by the decision of Lagos State Judicial Panel of inquiry allowing the Lekki concession Company to reopen the Lekki Tollgate.

Hon Gbandi told our reporter that the arrest was unconstitutional, illegal, not supported by Diasporan Nigerians, noted that Buhari had yesterday acted wisely, that if Federal Government had not by now effected the release of those Nigerian Youths detained in Lagos, that a greater of what happened in #EndSARS season 1 will be a learner in the country's history.

In the words of the Leader of Diasporan Nigerians, Hon. Kenneth Gbandi: "Nigerian Government has acted wisely to had yesterday released immediately all the youths and all demonstrators arrested for carrying out their constitutional rights.
If they had failed to do that, the demonstration that took place across the globe in support of the Endsarsnow movement will be a child’s play".

"my office is now in consultation with all Diaspora political parties and affiliates. Diasporan Nigerians will be Organizing a Diaspora political conference to bring to Diaspora attention the dire situation in Nigeria and to work together to actualize replacing the current Nigerian constitution, provide Solutions to worsening security situation in Nigeria".

"Diasporan Nigerians will work towards Promoting initiatives that will encourage Diaspora Voting Right, And advocate for the full constitution of Nigeria Diaspora Commission".

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