Thursday, February 18, 2021


How come a fundamental matter as germane as a warrant of arrest, get so much incompetence from a law officer's chamber?

What are the essential elements of a warrant of arrest?

Essentially, the questions, begging for answers, dovetail around the submission of an evidently forged document titled "warrant of arrest", where in a faceless group, self styled "Conference for Actualization of Human Rights", did goof in furtherance of their task masters bidding.

Since when does this all encompassing document retrieve the name of the magistrate overseeing the said warrant(assuming, but not conceding)?

What fulcrum differentiates truism from idiocy?

Chief of the infantile assault on legal egg heads, dovetail around the germane questions, to wit: Since when does an affidavit, not produce, a judicial division?

Also germane, how come, no magistrate, no Judge, appended their signature to the document?.

That singular malfunction, which, to all intents, and purposes, resonated a deluge of incompetence in law processes, reverberated, resoundingly across board in the legal family.

The law is trite. The law is germane. The law, according to its proponents, must take it's course.

It is trite law that he who alleges must prove.

The protagonists of the I'll fated forged Warrant of arrest, will sooner than later, meet their GOLGOTHA.

Whoever was submitting, through their proxies, at the Federal High court, Abuja, a forged warrant of arrest against the legal icon, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, in order to obtain false arrest, having failed woefully, must get it according to Galatians 6 vs 7.

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