Saturday, April 24, 2021

Why Nigerian Youths Should Shun Get-Rich-Quick-Syndrone-Dr. Lawrence Onwujike

... Traditionalist enjoined Youths to learn Culture, Traditions, And Ancient Practices of their forefathers.

.... Advises Youths to go into Agriculture for National development,

By Victor Bieni, Ogwashi-Uku

The Patron of African Traditional Medicine Practitioners, Aniocha South Chapter, Dr. Lawrence Onwujike has frowned at Nigerian Youths attitude towards Get-Rich-Quick-Syndrone which he said negates the ancient cultural practices of their forefathers.
Dr. Lawrence made this disclosure in an exclusive interview with some group of Journalists in his official residence at Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South LGA Headquarters, Delta State advises Nigerian Youths to go into farming, while he harped on on cultural Education and values Re-orientation for national development.
Dr. Lawrence a farmer, Educationist and Federal, State Governments certified Professional Traditional Medicine Practitioner stated that Youths self-development can only be effective when there is a combination of secular Education with ancient wisdom, cultures learned from the older generations and gettisoning of the quest for quick materialistic acquisition in the society.
Dr. Lawrence, popularly called "Ogbueshi Onata Dike Nma" who said that though his father, a traditional medicine practitioner who tutored him on the job was not educated but he went beyond to ensure that he do things differently by making learning very imperative and acquired Education to make him more effective in the job.

He said that the only way the youths, the present day generation can live long is by ensuring they learn the ancient traditions, culture and practices of their forefathers, while he frowned at the present situation where Nigerian youths think that money is in the air whereas the money is on the ground.

In the words of the renowned Traditional Medicine Practitioner: " If the Youths can hear us and know that money is on the ground. But not through air. Before People used to get old, or long life, that is "KANKAN" as Igbo People call it. But as it is now, they don't want to hear about culture, that is "OMENANI".
" It makes people to go quickly. People used to live above 100, 150 years, and 180 years of age. But now, it is difficult. Peoople hardly gets to 90 years as the oldest person. In those days People of 90 years old can go to farms and do their work and come back. But now people are no longer strong because they are no longer groomed traditionally and they eat what they ought not to eat".

"The body of some Nonagenarians are no longer strong. My advice to the Youths is that they should learn from their fathers, cultures, traditions of their People. Am an Igbo man from Ukpor, Nnewi South LGA, Anambra State. I have lived with my father at Isheagu, Aniocha South LGA. Also, we have also lived at Igala Land, Idah in Kogi State. Before I finally settled in Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State".

"I was born here in Delta State, Ewulu precisely. Though am an Igbo man. As am now is not a boast, am strong. I learned from, and was tutored by my father who was a traditional Medicine Practitioner. Then I decided to go my own way and started earning a living as a traditional medicine practitioner".

"They respect me not only in Aniocha-South, but in Delta State as an Elder, Patron of Traditional Medicine Practitioners. Am over 60 now. But you may think am 40 now. The people gave me the crown to lead them. The ancient cultures, Traditions which i learnt from my father helped me to become strong and successful today".

"My services as traditional medicine practitioner is entire different from that of my father. My area of specification includes: Cure on general infections such as infertility, athritis, stomach Ulcer, pains, cure for poisons, fibroids, cancer, Stroke, Urinary infections, mental cure, general illnesses, protection, and many others.
My Telephone number: 07033102233, Address: Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State, Nigeria, African Continent".

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