Sunday, April 25, 2021

Youth Leader Meets Ndokwa/Ukwuani Youths, Advocate Renewed Advocacy For Good Governance.

As part of moves to reconcile and strengthen the bonds and in the spirit of comradeship among youths across the Delta North Senatorial, Leader and Coordinator of the CHUKWUNEDUM CAMPAIGN TEAM (CCT) Comrade Chinedu Augustine Osemenam recently held a strategic meeting in Utagba-.Ogbe Kingdom with his coordinators and youth leaders from within the Ndokwa/Ukwuani Constituency.

Round-Town Views reports that the meeting which held over the weekend was witnessed by youths from different organizations, began with general introduction after which Comrade Chinedu Osemenam started with an apology to the youths especially from Utagba Ogbe for what transpired in 2015 during the elections and the negligence that followed after the election.

He said "I am here to meet my brothers, tell my story and discuss the way forward with them. I am Comrade Chinedu Augustine Osemenam, originally from Onicha-Olona but was born, raised and trained in Kwale for over 35years.

"Known to many hundreds people as LEATHER BOOTH or INSECPTAR-DIAYE, but humble and very friendly, attributes which made the people of Utagba Ogbe & Ukwani nation resolve to go along with him when he came pleading on behalf some politicians who was then contesting for an election in 2015. Sadly the politician in reference chose to forget the  struggles after the election".

With rapt attention from the youths present, He continued "I am here to tell you my brothers, followers and upcoming voices that I didn't dump nor did I neglect you, but had been ashamed on how to tell you that my brother whom you worked with at my instance didn't remember us.

Today I resolved to meet with you to clear rumors and allegations that my brother empowered me & I bolted away with your share of it. NO, I did not."

"Power & empowerment comes from God, we don't depend on individuals & we can never be tired of staying on the streets with you my brothers and my men, trying to fix things.
Today I am here to inform you that we are heading towards a new direction, where we are going to correct ourselves."

"Our commonwealth is in their hands and whether they are tired of holding it or not, now is the right time for restore our glory."

In conclusion, Comrade Chinedu Osemenam advised the youths not to blame only President Buhari on the economy & insecurities but to check properly if  politicians around us/within our localities are also doing their job for citizens to benefit from the dividends of democracy.

The fight against bad governance must be around, be it local, State, or
 federal level if must achieve change. I hereby call on Youths to brace up to these challenges.

Highlight of the meeting was the response from leaders of the groups who commended him for such courage and attested to his sincerity.

The Youth group's then said: "Now that you have cleared every doubts, all is forgiven and we are ready to move forward".

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