Wednesday, May 26, 2021

#2021SCOCA#Asaba Zonal Public Hearing: NAPHER-SD Urged NASS To Include Sports In Nigerian Constitution

......CSO Group Says, Inclusion of Sports And other Physical Activities In Nigerian Constitution Will Promote Physical fitness And General Well-being of Citizens.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The National Leadership of Nigeria Association of Physical Education, Recreation, Sports And Dance (NAPHER-SD) has asked the National Assembly Leadership in the on-going Public Hearing on Senate Committee On Constitutional Review, Amendment to promote the inclusion of Sports and Physical activities to the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria being amended as this provision was not earlier captured.
This disclosure was made known to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital by NAPHER-SD State Coordinator, Comrade James Aino during the on-going Constitution Review by the  Senate Committee at the Zonal Public Hearing as Stakeholders brainstorm for the betterment of Nigerian citizens stated that this becomes highly necessary because of the strategic position sports currently occupies in Nigeria.

According to NAPHER-SD Leadership, Sports sector contributes immensely to national and socio-economic development, and has the capacity to contribute more than 3% of Nigeria's Gross Domestic Product.
The Leadership stated further that Sports is a cross-cutting sector that promotes unity and harmony among the citizens of our nation. Also that Sports and physical activities are practiced across the length and breadth of our country, which promote general fitness, healthy living and preventive health care.

The group said: "Nigeria Association for Physical, Health Education Recreation, Sports and Dance (NAPHER-SD) in pursuance of its professional mandate on the above subject matter for the consideration of 9thSenate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during the Constitutional amendment exercise".
"One of the major focuses of Government at all levels remains the provision of enabling environment where physically fit, resilient and virile citizens are nurtured for the good of the society. Sports and physical activities promote peace, unity and harmony in our nation".

NAPHER-SD proposes the inclusion of Sports and Physical Objectives to Chapter 2 of the 1999 (as amended) Constitution based on the followings: Article 31(1) of the United Nation on Rights of the Child “States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts”.

"The UNESCO International Charter on Physical Education and Sport, Article 1 recognizes the practice of: Physical Education, physical activities and Sport as a fundamental human right for all.
Resolution 68/9.4 of the United Nations recognizes the valuable contribution of sports in promoting education, sustainable development, peace, cooperation, solidarity, fairness, social inclusion, and health at the local, regional and international levels"
"The 2005 United Nations World summit outcome stated that Sports can contribute to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding among peoples and nations
Resolution 69/6.6 of the United Nations stated that Sports can be used to promote and facilitate the realization of human rights.
Specifically, Sports and physical activities seats comfortably in Chapter 2 of our Constitution under the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy".

NAPHER-SD urged the National Assembly to include the following into Chapter 2; Sports and Physical activities objectives to read:
" The State shall direct policy to promoting Sports and Physical activities. Government shall encourage the provision of Sports, and recreational facilities for all citizens. Government shall promote Sports and physical activities in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary institutions".

" Government shall promote national unity and peace through Sporting activities. The State shall use Sports to promote the image of Nigeria internationally.
Government shall use sports to build Self-confidence, Team spirit and good Sportsmanship spirit.
The State shall promote physical fitness and general wellbeing for all citizens".

"We strongly believe that if this our modest professional contribution is incorporated into constitution it will change the philosophy of sports and physical activities in our country for the good of all citizens irrespective of age, gender, religious, ethnic and other social classification".

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