Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Jude Ogbimi: Isoko Pathfinders To Emmanuel Egbabo, You Are Sponsoring Damaging Falsehood Against Hon. Leo Ogor.

Emmanuel Egbabor, the immediate past Chairman of Isoko North Local Government is on the loose, sponsoring damaging falsehoods, barefaced lies and concocted stories against his greatest benefactor, Rt. Hon. Leo Ogor, the man who brought him out of obscurity to limelight, made him Chairman of Local Government, not once but twice. He is also paying heavily for published lies against anybody loyal to Rt Hon. Leo Ogor. Some of the paid lies are "Leo is playing tricks with his health", "Leo threatened suicide over Council Chairman election", "Leo is dead", and very recently, "Leo wants to remove Hon. Jude Ogbimi"

All of these were after he paid three fake pastors and some relatives to call Rt Hon. Leo Ogor and some even met him in person to deliver fake prophecies but the man saw through the smokescreen and even later find out how much they were paid for the hatchet job.

Has Egbabor gone berserk? Why all of these?, one may ask.

Yes, the overrated ingrate is angry that Rt.Hon Leo Ogor promised him that he was going to make him a House of Assembly member and hand over the leadership baton to him. Sensing that, that may not happen the moment Prince Godwin Ogorugba returned as Chairman of the PDP in Isoko North in 2020, inspite of all these aborminable things he did to stop it, and may his soul rest in peace, that late Rt.Hon Tim Owhefere was preparing to recontest, Egbabor, blinded by ambition for naked power went overboard, making emergency friendship and alliances with every known soul opposed to Leo Ogor and doing everything to bring the man down.

How ungrateful can people be! For those who know him, Egbabor is crude, evil, fetish and blinded by ambition. A thoroughly self centered and wicked man who as Chairman for six years can't cant point to a single person who bought a car through him not to talk of building a hut.

As Chairman, the man he appointed as Special Adviser, (emphasis Adviser) was his friend from childhood, whom he, Egbabor stayed in his house in Lagos for years after he graduated before fortune smiled on him. This same man Egbabor refused to pay him the salary approved for him by the Local Government Law 2014. While other Chairmen allowed their S.As salaries the way it is, which was in the neighborhood of three hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly, Egbabor insisted on short paying the man by giving him one hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly while he used another account to draw the money in full, even as he uses him as driver and messager all together. While other S.As built houses and bought cars, Egbabor's own, his childhood friend left without a motor tyre.

His wicked excuse was that he was paying some persons not provided for by the Local Government Law, that was another devilish lie. A uniform #1.5million is added to the monthly salary of every Local Government in the State to pay non statutory staff and political appointees not provided for by the Local Government law. We know for a fact that no month did Egbabor spend five hundred thousand naira of that money to pay anybody. He has the least number of aides and paid the lowest across the twenty-five Councils.

All of these and several other sub- heads allocation he carted away monthly to buy lands in Lagos, Asaba and Ozoro.

Egbabor accuses people of being fetish. That's laughable. As a secondary school student in NDC, Ozoro, Egbabor brought juju for his teachers. Less than two years ago, he brought different brands of juju over an issue he had with Late Rt Hon Tim Owhefere. These are facts before the public

The man is diabolic, cruel, crude, manipulative and wicked. We feel for Jude Ogbimi, Kome Ogbobor and especially Jay Ogor that are hobnobbing with him now. They will know him better.

We will talk about his manipulative nature and how he did everything including going diabolic to ensure he turns Rt Hon Leo Ogor mind from all other communities except Ozoro next time.

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