Saturday, May 15, 2021


ISOKO PATHFINDERS feels concerned by a fabricated story which has gone viral with the insinuation that Hon. Leo Okuweh Ogor, the member representing Isoko Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives is plotting to remove Hon. Jude Ogbimi who in April 10, 2021 bye election won the election to replace late Tim Owhefere in the Delta State House of Assembly.

The story which emanated from a phantom group known as Isoko for All Group also named accomplices of the plot to be Dr. Paul Owhe, Mr. Godwin Ogorugba, Hon. Mike Ogwah, Pastor Jonathan Ukodhiko and Comrade Zino Onaimor.

The group further made unsubstantiated claims that the party leaders had concluded plans with the National Chairman of Allied People’s Movement (APM), Alhaji Yusuf Mamman Dantalle to remove Jude Ogbimi through the electoral tribunal. All of the above story is a product of junk and is lacking in the basic foundation of truth having been spun in complete falsehood. In the first place, Hon.  Leo  Ogor  as  the  member  representing  Isoko Federal  Constituency  in  the  House  of  Representatives  is  unarguably the  foremost  Political  Leader  in  Isoko.  

By  his  position,  Leo  Ogor  was the  final  clearing  house  for  Jude  Ogbimi  before  he  contested  the April  10,  2021  bye  election.  Besides,  Leo  Ogor  left  his  comfort  zone  in  Abuja  and  relocated  to  Isoko  where  he  campaigned  vigorously  for Jude  Ogbimi  using  his  time  and  resources.  Leo  Ogor  would  be  the last  person  to  turn  around  and  want  to  remove  someone  he  assisted to  install  as  the  member-elect  representing  Isoko  North Constituency  in  the  House  of  Assembly.  

The  falsity  of  the  above story  is  further  revealed  when  the  name  of  Godwin  Ogorugba  is linked  to  the  plot to  remove  Jude  Ogbimi.  Godwin  Ogorugba  is  a  twoterm  chairman  of  PDP  in  Isoko  North  and  in  his  capacity  was  the chief  party  campaigner  for  Jude  Ogbimi  in  the  bye  election.  Godwin Ogorugba  who  was  said  in  the  story  to  have  recently  visited  the Abuja  home  of  Leo  Ogor  alongside  other  party  leaders  has  vowed that  he  has  not  even  visited  Abuja  in  recent  times. 

 The  same  can also  be  said  of  Hon.  Mike  Ogwah  who  as  a  committed  party  man  will not be involved  in  any matter  that  is  anti-establishment. In  any  case,  like  it  is  said,  there  is  no  smoke  without  fire.  We  know the  mastermind  of  the  spurious  stories  and  plots.  The  man  behind  all these  is  from  Owhelogbo.  He  prides  himself  as  an  Isoko  leader,  yet he  was  only  able  to  realize  120  votes  from  his  paternal  ward  and  only 8  votes  from  his  maternal  ward.  

He  has  never  contested  any  elective position  all  his  life.  This  same  man  recently  concocted  and  spread the rumour that Leo  Ogor was dead  just to cause  panic  in Isoko. This new  antic  by  the  political  liability  and  fast  fading  Isoko  Community Leader  is  aimed  at  creating  disaffection  between  Leo  Ogor  and  the Governor  with  a  desire  to  reap  where  he  did  not  sow. 

 The  rejected leader  from  Owhelogbo  has  struggled  all  through  his  political  career to  assume  political  leadership  of  the  Isoko  nation  but  has consistently  failed.  Also,  the  failed  Isoko  leader  has  fought  virtually every  Isoko  leader  –  from  late  Sen.  Francis  Okpozo  to  late  Tim Owhefere. He hated the Isoko  Development Union with  a passion and sought to  kill  it.  

 ISOKO  PATHFINDERS    is  confident  that  Leo  Ogor  has  served  the Isoko  nation  well  in  the  House of  Representatives.  

In  his  hey  days  as the  Minority  Leader  in  the  Federal  House,  he  brought  honour  and prestige  to  Isoko  through  vibrant  legislation.  He  was  a  voice  that was  difficult  to  contain.  Leo  Ogor  deserves  a  good  rest  from  active politics  having  publicly  announced  his  desire  to  drop  from  further contest  into  the  House  of  Representatives. 

 Leo  Ogor  deserves commendation  and  not  condemnation  and  anybody  desirous  of denigrating  his hard earned reputation is  only  on a  wild  goose chase.

By  Reuben Origho, Group's  Director  of  Research  and  Publicity.

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