Monday, June 7, 2021

My Life Is In Danger- Chief Ben Obi Alerts Security Agencies

The All Progressive Grand Alliance , APGA Chieftain, Chief Ben Obi, (Mbuze Agulu) also known as Igwe APGA has narrated his ordeal in the hands of gunmen .

According to him, early hours of Sunday, at about 5:30am in the morning , the 6th of June 2021 there was sporadic shooting around his house. When speaking with our reporter, he said, he started hearing gun shots at his place, presciely around his gate.

He said they shot close to forty rounds and were shouting, “Mbuze come out, Mbuze come out, you think APGA will win again?

He told our news men he has no idea who they were as he has no issue with anyone .

“He said his life was threatened and as they were still shooting and shouting , he sneak out through the appia way .

He told our reporter that at dawn, there were remains of Indian hemp littered around the gate which he suspected must have been smoked by the gunmen.

On another note , he made our news men understand that, few days before his house incident , a source (who pleaded anonymity ) disclosed to him, that there were some persons at a place where people eat abacha, close to St. Peter’s Anglican Church , Agulu , boasting that they will deal with him , handicap him before APGA Guber election .

When our reporters asked if he had idea who the gunmen were or whether he had any dispute with anyone , he replied , “I have not wronged anyone , I am a peace loving man, and a freedom fighter. I would like everyone to hear this, so that if there is a problem, we all know where it's coming from.” He concluded.

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