Wednesday, June 16, 2021



Our attention has been drawn to a phantom opinion poll conducted and published by Mr. Valentine Ozigbo designed to buoy up his chances at the PDP primaries, and wish to state as follows:

Mr. Ozigbo is free to execute any scheme or propaganda to give the façade of mass support in the bid to gain advantage over his 15 rivals within the PDP.  We however ask him to desist from dragging the revered name of Prof. C. C. Soludo, CFR, into his scheme, designed to draw attention and give it any sense of credibility.

To elevate self-serving propaganda to a point where it seems that even himself believes his own lies is pure delusion. Conducting customer satisfaction survey in hotel management is vastly different from the scientific work of credible political opinion polling.

We at the Soludo Team do not make noise about our internal but sophisticated polling machine. Everyone in Anambra knows that Prof. Soludo is the Anambra consensus candidate for the November governorship election. From our own polls, if the election were held this month, Soludo would surely garner over 70% of the votes, winning not only all the local governments but most of the 326 wards including Mr. Ozigbo’s Amesi ward. But we don’t make noise about this.

Prof. Soludo does not take the overwhelming support of the people for granted. He is on an intensive consultation of the APGA and Anambra people around the 21 local governments, with over 90% of APGA members rooting for him. Soludo is digging in and digging deep with the grassroots to ensure that in November, the real opinion of the people expressed at the ballots gives him 70% or more votes and not delusional phantom opinion polls for social media propaganda.

Joe C Anatune


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