Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Alleged INDI Threats On Novena University: Ndokwa Youths To Mene, Drop Your Empty Threats....Or Face Consequences

...As Group talks tough, Gives Mene 24hrs Ultimatum to withdraw unguarded Statement, recind action or face the wrath of Ndokwa Youths.

Arising from an emergency meeting of all umbrella Youth groups in Ndokwa Nation yesterday being 22 September, 2021, the immediate past President of Ndokwa Youths, Comrade Lucky Onyia has called on the leadership of Itsekiri National Development Initiative (INDI), and Coordinator of Itsekiri ec-agitators forum, Comrade Dennis Mene to exercise caution over call to shut-down Novena University Ogume, Delta State next month, October, 2021 as such frivolous, unguarded war-like statements, actions will be highly resisted by not only Students of other ethnic nationalities in the institution but the entire Youths of Ndokwa Nation.

In a press statement duly signed by Youth leaders in Ndokwa Nation which was made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital, today being 23 September, 2021 Ndokwa ethnic nationality Youth leaders stated that the attention of the body has been drawn to an online publication by INDI leadership as published in Fresh Angle, Track and Opra news online platforms captioned: "Igbinedion, Novena May be Shut-down In October-INDI" as Ndokwa Youths vowed to take revenge, or resist attempt to destroy assets in Novena University, or desecrate their land.

The group while enjoining INDI leadership and the concerned Itsekiri Students Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) to channel their grievances to the office of the Interim Administrator, Presidential Amnesty Program, Col. Milliand Dixon Dikio (Rtd), then warned that INDI may be crossing the already drawn red-line towards a near disaster, catastrophic moment and unquenchable Youth restivesness in Delta State.

The leadership noted that this administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has not only achieved infrastructural, human capital development but that Peace and Security has prevailed amongst ethnic nationalities.

The press Statement by Ndokwa Youth groups reads in parts: "But, we shall give anyone fire for fire, force for force if anyone goes ahead to carry out its threats on the institution, adding that Ndokwa Youths will not allow alliens to disrupt the academic activities of the only private higher institution in their land".

" The Itsekiri, concerned students in Novena University Ogume, Delta State, we mean your people's grievances should be channelled to the office of the Interim Administrator Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) led by Col. Milliand Dixon Dikio who is in charge of what your people are looking for on the in-training allowance Amnesty Office is owing the Itsekiri PAP Students".

"Now food for thought. Is Col. Milliand Dixon Dikio the owner of Novena University, Ogume Delta State? How many Universities did Ndokwa people destroyed in Itsekiri land? Is there any crisis Ndokwa people has ever caused in Itsekiri land? These are the few questions you must answer".

"Novena University is the first private University in Delta State. Novena University has been established to meet the yearnings and aspirations our Youths and Women who are unable to get opportunities for Education".

"The institution has helped, served thousands of Youths in the state with quality Education. Novena University, Ogume Delta State is not owing Itsekiri PAP Students neither is it owing Itsekiri ex-agitators unless you are looking for avenues of war and not peace".

"Ndokwa Youths will match words with action if your leadership goes ahead with the empty threat. We will not fail to treat your people as an alliens if anything goes wrong in the institution, Ndokwa land or anywhere. And we warn you never, and never try such comment again in Ndokwa land as such may be treated as enemy of Ndokwa Nation and not as fellow Deltan".

"Mene don't ever dream of destroying any assets in Novena University, Ogume for you are not the owner of violence. We urge you not to reap or carry your threat unless you want to destroy the fragile peace in Delta State".

"We give Mene 24hrs Ultimatum to withdraw his unguarded Statement, recaption his publications or face the wrath of Ndokwa Youths. As Mene's Attitude, outburst may cause mahem if not checkmated."

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