Saturday, October 16, 2021

2023: Grassroots Movement, "One-On-one Network" Profered Solutions To Nigeria's Numerous Challenges

.....2023: Grassroots Movement, "One-on-one Network" Restates Commitment To Good Governance In Nigeria.

... Conflicts Scholar cautions Nigeria's Political Elites on bad leadership, and Youths on violence.

A group under the aegies of "One-on-one Network", a grassroots Movement with structures in the 36 States of the Federation and Federal Capital territory, Abuja has said that the adoption of rebranding techniques, smart transformational agenda by technocrats on restructuring, decentralized system of government, and promotion of positive behaviours are the only major solutions to Nigeria's numerous Challenges.

The Delta State Coordinator of One-on-one Network Grassroots Movement, Comrade Emeka Ubido (JP) spoke to the media in Abuja today being 16th October, 2021, stated that the challenges faced by the country in the areas of Insecurity, bad leadership, or poor leadership system, civic unrest, Youth restiveness, ethno-religious crisis, sponsorship of violence by political elites, poor Youths mentorship and development, lack of infrastructural and human capital development, and others will be a thing of the past if proactive measures are adopted.

Comrade Emeka Ubido, Delta, Ogwashi-uku born Mathematics graduate and post graduate scholar in peace and conflicts studies while urging the Political leaders in the country to partner strongly with Nigeria Youths towards proferring lasting solutions to some of the avoidable crisis rocking the country as a result of poor governance, that cautioned the political elites not to plunge the country into doom as a result of their poor approaches to conflict resolution, prevention, management and control.

He said: "You don't need to be a Professor before you can profer Solutions to Nigeria's numerous Challenges. Our group is one of the most formidable Political pressure group, more harnessing, engaging, more valuable to Nigerian Youths than political parties. We speak in one voice. As part of our vision, we provide synergy support in transformational development".

"We Identify with laudable efforts from grassroots to the Apex, Federal level. We are ready to support the government of the day morally and politically. However, We should be incorporated into the political mainstream to help solve the problems of this country. Nigerian Government should partner with us, we mean the government of the day. We are mobilizing towards 2023 and we have the solutions to Nigeria's problems".

" Nigeria's Political Challenges is seen as religious dissolution and tribal methodology. This is as a result of bad leadership, the country is currently sitting on keg of gun powder. heading or awaiting doomsday. May God forbid. Our group is for good governance, accountability, equity and Justice. We promote positive behaviours. We are Youths, we believe in good governance and Youth empowerment. The Youths should not be sponsored for violence by elites rather be supported, mentored and be well represented by Political elites in Nigeria".

"The older generations should not destroy our country. Conflicts is better prevented than managing it. It mediate and control conflicts by building lasting relationship. We advise Waring groups/ parties to maintain positive behaviours and foster lasting solution to our great country".
"The emphasis on restructuring, rebranding, media support, the roles of technocrats, non-partisan members of the society are needed towards a better for best human capital development, infrastructural Development, good governance, accountability, Youth empowerment and development, and avoidance of bad leadership, Youth restiveness and social vices".

"We urge Governments at all levels; Federal, State and Local Government levels to introduce Strategies to Infuse Negotiation Skills, manage complex dynamics, develop strategies and Intensify Advocacy on need for patriotism and national consciousness".

"Governments must increase self-awareness of themselves and others in conflict times ensure that they communicate with the people effectively and efficiently and learn how to prepare effectively for negotiation, and how to measure negotiation skills using framing, listening, empathy, and effective assertion".

"Governments must develop strategies for handling hard bargaining behaviors
Improve in their understanding of partisan perceptions, emotions, and identity conflict situations. Governments must
Improve in their ability to manage complex dynamics at the negotiation table".

"Governments must enhance their capacity to build consensus, create winning and blocking coalitions, and manage multiparty negotiations. Remember, we have no other country. We must create, build and make peace an every day meal to uphold this nation. God Bless Nigeria".

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