Sunday, October 3, 2021


Chief Sir COC Akaolisa, KSJ, The Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Imo State has denied any involvement in the setting up of a "FAKE ESN" group responsible for the killings in the SouthEast, describing the allegation as the continued vilification of his office and person by politicians with unforgiving spirit bent on destroying him for his role in the change of government in Imo State.

Again, not satisfied with the burning down of his country home and the malicious allegations that led to his five years suspension from practice by the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (LPDC), they have now thrown up this statement purportedly issued by the IPOB spokesperson - Emma Powerful, to soil the image of the hardworking, peace-loving, kindhearted and humble gentleman and leader of the Imo State Bar.

To this end, the general public is advised to ignore that statement which the Attorney General is sure cannot come from the leadership of IPOB. It is surprising to note also that all the persons mentioned in the said list of "FAKE ESN" members come from Awo-Idemili, showing clearly that the list is a product of some parochial persons with clanish preconceived intentions.

Chief (Sir) COC Akaolisa is a Knight of the Catholic Church, a communicant, Human Rights Activist and known defender of the voiceless in the society who has never been involved in any satanic plot. He has never and will never, for any reason, soil his hands with human blood. His office in Imo State has stood against the extrajudicial killing of suspects and since his emergence as the State Attorney General, many citizens unlawfully incarcerated in prison have regained their freedom through his recommendations to the Governor for his exercise of prerogative of mercy.

Furthermore, the Attorney General is surprised at this level of wicked, malicious and evil allegation which he has surrendered to God Almighty as his only strength and defender (refer, Psalm 23). Chief Akaolisa, once more, seizes this avenue to appeal to Imo politicians to give peace a chance and stop the shedding of innocent blood in the name of politics which should be played without bitterness as it is only God Almighty who gives power.

I. A Ositadimma
Media Adviser to Chief (Sir) COC Akaolisa
(Honour Attorney General/Commissioner for Justice, Imo State)

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